BlogSweet watermelon and melon are very easy to identify

Sweet watermelon and melon are very easy to identify

Summer is just beginning and in this season watermelon and melon are the most commonly available fruits that quench the thirst, as well as these two fruits are also very beneficial for health.

But buying these two fruits is no less than a risky investment because they are usually very large and if the fruit seller does not show the cut, it is almost impossible to know what the fruit will look like inside, while no one cuts the melon.

However, if you want to buy sweet and ripe watermelons and melons, if you know a few things, you can tell the truth about it even without cutting the fruit.

Look at the sign

The biggest sign of a watermelon being ripe and edible is a mark or spot on it. Every good watermelon has a yellow-yellow spot on the bark, indicating that it is ripe and sweet. 



Another sign of a good watermelon is its weight. If you pick a watermelon and it feels too heavy, that is, heavier than it looks, then you have chosen the right fruit. The heavier the watermelon, the better.

Try it out Try picking a watermelon lightly by hand before picking it up, and if it sounds like a crunch or a thump, reject the fruit.

If a watermelon succeeds in all these three tests, it will definitely enhance the taste.



Weight and texture

First of all, make sure that it is heavy and round.

Do not stain the skin

There should be no stains or defects on the yellow color and there should not be any slight cracks on it which may be a sign of its overcooking and spoilage.

Try to press

When a melon is properly cooked, it is hard and difficult to press by hand, which is also a sign of its sweetness.

See color 

Make sure the peel is truly yellow or yellow and does not contain a mixture of green, which is also a sign that it is ripe.

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