PoliticsTo Fix Economy, Bring half of Zardari & Sharifs Wealth, Imran

To Fix Economy, Bring half of Zardari & Sharifs Wealth, Imran

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that the only way to fix the economy is to bring even half of the billions of dollars that the Zardari family and Sharif family to Pakistan then the economy will recover.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that a government is formed in the country through a clear external conspiracy in which 60% of the people are on bail.

Imposed, politicians were bought like sheep and goats.

Imran Khan said that the government had to come up with a plan for inflation or they had to fix the economy as they were considered to be very experienced.

Two families have been ruling the country for 30 years now, instead of reducing inflation and fixing the economy they did only one thing to get the corruption cases of Rs. 1100 billion forgiven by giving NRO.

He said that they destroyed NAB, FIA, civil services and other institutions and used police to suppress the people.

The former prime minister said that he had prepared the people that there has been a lot of inflation, there are difficult situations, people have been destroyed, now people are taking to the streets to ask what doomsday has come, in these two months.

What happened is that the prices went up to the skies, the economy, the rupee, the stock market also went down.

He said that industrial development was providing employment to the people, we had given 5.5 million jobs to the people, due to the up lift of construction sector, record growth in large scale industries, exports of other sectors including textile sector.

Including growth, IT exports increased by 75% in two years.

He said that the IMF was also saying that Pakistan was making sustainable development, record production of crops was taking place in agriculture because we had done the whole plan.

He raised the question of what happened in two months that inflation skyrocketed and the economy went down, unemployment is rising in the country.

Imran Khan said that if people are going out and protesting, you are using sticks and using violence, the democratic government tells the people about their problems and listens to the pain of the people.

“Where did the electricity go?” He asked.

Why was there no such load shedding in our three and a half years?

There is electricity in the country, the power plants were contracted during the PML-N era, electricity is not being generated and we are also paying for capacity payment.

The PTI chairman said that they had set up power plants of imported LNG and coal. They have set up a coal plant at a place like Sahiwal. Coal comes from Karachi to Sahiwal. Whoever has set up this plant Should be imprisoned for what it was thought to do, it has a separate negative impact on the environment.

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He said that today they do not have money to buy coal and LNG due to which load shedding is taking place.

He said that he conspired with the traitors. Today you are asking the question that when you conspired, you are now saying that this is what Imran Khan and PTI did, if we did it. If so, we should have let in government, we would have taken responsibility for it today.

Imran Khan said that for three and a half years we were also in the IMF program, he was also telling us to increase the prices, at that time there was pressure from the IMF and there was Corona virus, energy prices are also high all over the world. Despite this, Pakistan was the cheapest country.

“We cut our stomachs and did not allow the price of electricity, diesel and petrol to go up, because we knew what the conditions of the people were, we knew that international punishment had come,” he said.

He said that tear gas was being used on the protesters against load shedding and it was the right of the people to protest peacefully.

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