BlogTokyo has a cafe for those with a depressed & negative mindset

Tokyo has a cafe for those with a depressed & negative mindset

Mori Ouchi in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a very quiet and relaxing cafe. Which is located in the peaceful and quiet area of Shimokitazawa district of the city.

However, this restaurant is famous for hosting pessimistic and pessimistic people and is usually only frequented by people with a negative mindset.

People with negative thoughts who have a bad reputation are constantly told to be more positive, but if you think about it, is having negative thoughts a bad thing? 

The founder of Mori Ochi Restaurant doesn’t think so, a self-described desperado who came up with the idea more than a decade ago to make people like him.

However, he opened this restaurant only three years ago during the global epidemic of Corona virus. 

Cafe that offers people nap while standing

He always felt that negative people are more sensitive and can be hurt more easily than others, so he created this space exclusively for such people. 

The negativity here is reflected in the menu, which includes drinks with particularly strange and long names. 

According to the owner of the restaurant, most of the drinks served here are vibrant, colorful and bitter.

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