BusinessUpto 12 Hours of Unannounced Loadshedding in Pakistan

Upto 12 Hours of Unannounced Loadshedding in Pakistan

LAHORE: The power crisis in the country appears to be escalation out of hands as upto 12 hours of unannounced loadshedding has been reported nationwide subsequent a shortfall of 7,500 MW, ARY NEWS reported.

According to sources in the power division, the total demand for electricity has peaked at 28,500 MW compared to the production of 21,000 MW.

“Power plants in the country are facing shortage of oil, gas and coal,” they said.

For the time being, the LESCO is also facing a power shortfall of 1,500 MW after its demand went up to 5,300 MW against the production of 3,800.

“Lahore is facing unannounced loadshedding between 8 to 12 hours,” they said, adding that the DISCOs have refused to share loadshedding timing, further complicating the matter for consumers who had to face hours of unannounced loadshedding.

Roasting Heatwave:

South Asia has been in the hold of an extreme heatwave since last month, with parts of Pakistan reaching a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius as officials cautioned of severe water shortages and a health threat.

Swathes of Pakistan and India have been overwhelmed by high temperatures since April in extreme weather that the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has warned is reliable with climate change.

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