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What is scattered mind?

Disorganized mind means severe mental disorder, which leads to brain confusion and complications.

Due to brain disorder, the patient begins to have difficulty in understanding the words of others and his own words and can’t express own emotions.

It is a common misconception that a mentally ill person is divided into two groups. Sometimes the patient understands himself to be two and sometimes even three people. This shows that we do not understand the true meaning of the scattered mind.

Fiction writers or those who take part in television talk shows derive new meanings and concepts from it. The mental confusion mentioned above is very complex.

In this state the patient is caught in delusions and illusions.

In addition, he begins to make delusions, hears unfamiliar voices and speeds up his thoughts.

He becomes indifferent to others, his courage goes away from the answer and he slows down, which affects his performance. The patient develops this negative attitude that his will power has decreased. Intends to do something, but then postpones it himself.

These symptoms do not go away with medication alone. The patient becomes so mentally paralyzed that he is unable to do any work.

In general, everyone agrees that mental illness is not caused by a single cause, but by a number of reasons. One percent of the world’s population suffers from it at some point in their lives. If any member of the family has any disease then it is likely that others will also get it.

Some people get the disease simply out of carelessness, i.e. they start drinking amateur cannabis or take drugs like cocaine and amphetamines (amphetamines are taken in colds, fevers, depression, and obesity, but its Negative and side effects are more.)

The disease also affects people who are lost in exciting, hurtful or terrifying memories.

People who think too much of themselves ruin themselves.

Some people become aggressive and violent because of the scattered mentality.

Why do they do that? It is not difficult to form an opinion about it.

They focus on smoking or drinking more coffee.

They become inclined towards it and think that it will increase their understanding.

Excessive use of caffeinated substances increases anxiety and depression.

Both of these can lead to mental disorders. As a result, the patient begins to make strange movements, because too much nicotine and caffeine can worsen his mental state.

Some people hear meaningless voices. This is due to their mental disorder.

When the illusion increases, the patient is surrounded by doubts and doubts and he feels as if everyone is plotting against him.

People who are close to the patient are sometimes they become victims of the patient’s violence.

The fact is that the patient’s behavior can be aggressive at any time and he comes down to violence.

But that rarely happens, because the patient is confined to his own shell.

He thinks about himself all the time. Patients who suffer from schizophrenia are more prone to violence.

The question of schizophrenia is whether it is the same condition or multiple conditions that affect the patient at the same time.

That is, the patient has one condition at a time.

There are some societies where scattered mental illness is not considered a disease.

If the patient shows any unnatural symptoms then it is called mental disorder.

Medications may be available at medical stores to treat delusions and suspicions, but eating them without consulting a doctor can harm the patient.

Certain types of therapy are beneficial, in which the patient’s comprehension is enhanced and his consciousness is awakened. There is a need to diagnose and treat the disease from the earliest stage.

Awareness of the patient’s behavior should be obtained, then it should be analyzed.

In this disease the patient should not be left alone, otherwise he will be happy in his imaginary world.

Keep the patient in good and sincere companions and explain to him with love that these people love you, laugh with them and talk with them.

Superstitions, distrust and suspicion of others can be removed only when the patient takes up a useful hobby or spends time with good friends.

Besides the medication and therapy, patients who is suffering this mental state, should try to remember Allah, keep more yourself busy in prayers. Read Quran with translation, this will help to be away from negativity.

Eventually, it will help to be positive and fight against the negative thoughts which disturb the mental peace.

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