EntertainmentActors' reaction to the success of the no-confidence movement

Actors’ reaction to the success of the no-confidence movement

Leading actors of Showbiz have expressed solidarity with the success of the no-confidence movement against former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in the National Assembly and the expiration of Imran Khan’s tenure as Prime Minister.

A no-confidence movement was filed by the opposition against Imran Khan in March, after which the no-confidence movement was won on April 10 with 174 votes.

Actors associated with Pakistani showbiz have been with Imran Khan for the past several days and are also sending messages on social media to encourage him.

Disappointment has been expressed. Let’s see which actor gave what message to Imran Khan?

Bilal Qureshi:

Actor Bilal Qureshi shared a picture of Imran Khan and also wrote that ‘Pakistan lost’.

Zara Noor Abbas: Actress Zara Noor Abbas said, “Imran Khan has always been my leader and will always be.”

Sadia Ghaffar: Actress Sadia Ghaffar wrote, “This is a sad night for democracy. Imran Khan was the best thing that could happen to Pakistan.”

Zaid Ali: YouTuber and comedian Zaid Ali termed the last day as the darkest day in Pakistan. He said, “We as a nation have lost our most precious asset. I salute the courage of Imran Khan where he fought till his last breath.” Stay tuned. “He is an example of a true champion and leader, Captain,” Zaid said. You played brilliantly.

Hareem Farooq: Actress Hareem Farooq wrote that this is a sad day in the history of Pakistan, tonight is heartbreaking but there is still hope for tomorrow and this is the strength of Imran Khan.

Ayman Khan: Ayman Khan called Imran Khan a true leader.

Samina Pirzada: Actress and host Samina Pirzada said for Imran Khan, “Let’s prepare for the next elections, I will always stand by you.” The actress also sent a message to Imran Khan’s fans and said that there is no need to panic, this is a new beginning.

Haroon Shahid: Actor Haroon Shahid also addressed Imran Khan’s fans and said that let’s move on to the next war. He said don’t be discouraged by what happened and think of improvement, what was to come was just his trailer, next time Niazi.

Yemeni Zaidi: Actress Yemeni Zaidi shared Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem with Imran Khan. Yemeni wrote in her Instagram story that if anyone is on the right path, he will always be at the top, now the number of supporters of Imran Khan will increase. 

Farhan Saeed: Singer Farhan Saeed tweeted in support of Imran Khan and wrote, “How many Imrans will you send home, Imran will come out of every house”. “It’s harder than we thought, but don’t worry,” he said.

Shahveer Jafari: Shahveer Jafari wrote that I salute Imran Khan, the way he fought alone, and thank him that he did his best to save the country.

Muneeb Butt: Muneeb Butt adopted a poetic style in support of Imran Khan.

Veena Malik: Veena Malik tweeted in favor of Imran Khan on her verified Twitter account and wrote that Imran Khan is currently the most popular person in the world. He said that who would not appreciate a leader like Imran Khan? Such a person has never come in the history of Pakistan, truthful, honest, selfless, brave, pious and truthful.

Maya Ali: Maya Ali lamented the success of the no-confidence movement and wrote that yesterday was the saddest and darkest day in the history of Pakistan. All we needed was patience, unity and faith. The actress said that we have lost a jewel, a true politician and an honest Prime Minister. I salute Imran Khan that he did his best and fought for the sovereignty of Pakistan till the end.

Hina Khawaja Bayat: Hina Khawaja Bayat shared her short video on Instagram and wrote that one person stood alone for the integrity of Pakistan and all other institutions of the country stood to give NRO to the corrupt political mafia.

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