TechnologyAmazon to start supplying by drone in California town

Amazon to start supplying by drone in California town

SAN FRANCISCO: Amazon plans to start flying some purchases to customers later this year, the e-commerce giant said Monday, proclaiming drone delivery that will debut in a California town.

Retail rival Walmart previously offers drone delivery and in May broadcasted it is dramatically ramping up the service.

Increasing to six states by year-end with the potential to drop off one million packages annually.

Amazon customers in the Northern California town of Lockeford will be able to sign up for free delivery by “Prime Air” drones, the company said in a post.

“Air-eligible” items ordered at the retailer´s website filled into drones that will fly to the delivery addresses, deposit packages outside from safe heights, then fly away, rendering to Amazon.

Amazon said it has produced a sophisticated system to enable its drones to notice and avoid aircraft, people, pets and other obstacles.

“We designed our sense-and-avoid system for two main scenarios: to be safe when in transit, and to be safe when approaching the ground,” the company said.

Feedback from the service in California used to increase the drone service.

A diversity of companies ranging from new startups to major tech firms such as Google-parent Alphabet are working on autonomous drone delivery.

Alphabet´s drone project Wing accomplished its first real-world deliveries in 2014 in rural Australia where they magnificently transported first-aid supplies, candy bars, dog treats, and water to farmers, rendering to the company´s website.

Two years after that, Wing drones used to deliver burritos to students at a university in Virginia.

“The logistics industry is abuzz with all-things drones,” the Amazon team said.

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