BlogKorean bamboo salt, the most expensive salt in the world

Korean bamboo salt, the most expensive salt in the world

Korean Bamboo Salt is a luxury product that costs more than 100 Dollars per 8 ounce (240 gram jar).
The reason for its high cost is the immense labor involve in its manufacturing. And that is why it is 9 times more expensive than the bamboo cylinder. bambo salt production
If you think pink Himalayan salt or salt is more expensive. Then you probably haven’t heard of the real luxury salt types.
In fact, this type of salt is a whole bunch, which includes soy salt and onyx salt for patch black.
But the top is amethyst bamboo, a Korean type of salt variety, which is fill with sea salt in a bamboo cylinder, cover with a clay lid, and then steam 9 times inside a conventional furnace.
This is a very difficult process and it takes a month to complete, and all this work is done by hand, so it sells for as much as a hundred dollars.
Korean Bamboo Salt

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