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Small Almond, Great benefits

Almonds have always been used to improve memory. It not only improves brain function, but also plays an important role in strengthening our body.

Therefore, it is also an essential part of the diet of wrestlers. It keeps the body fresh.

In addition, it brightens the eyes. It contains a lot of calcium, which strengthens teeth and bones. It also contains proteins and starch (carbohydrates).

Research has also shown that this small almond has great benefits. Eating it regularly reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes (diabetes). The amount of sugar in the body also remains adequate.

Weight also does not increases from a certain level but excess usage of almonds can be harmful to the body.

Almonds are grown in many countries, including Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, Jordan, the United States and many European countries.

Two types of almonds are very important. Sweet and bitter. Bitter almonds are poisonous. The oil can be extracted and applied to the skin of the body.

Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Saeed used an ancient Greek script to sharpen the brains of children and youth. Soak seven or eleven almonds in water overnight. Peel off, grate it and eat by chewing it in the early morning. Which make body and mind healthy and sharpens the memory.

Soaked almonds are easily digested and benefit the body. It also reduces inflammation of the arteries of the heart. If it is used regularly in winter season, the common cold stays away.

Almond oil is also extremely beneficial. It cures intestinal disorders and also relieves constipation. The famous religious scholar Shah Waliullah (may Allah have mercy on him) is known to have eaten 21 almonds in early morning, empty stomach.

Another senior teacher used to advise his students to eat almonds to remind them of the knowledge of Qur’an and Hadith.

Mirza Ghalib, a great poet, was very much found of almonds in addition to mangoes.

The use of almonds has become so common among Muslims that it has become an important part of the kitchen. They started using almonds in qorma, kebabs, rice as well as in sweets and pastries.

People who eat hot chili spices often complain of heartburn. Such patients are relieved by eating peeled six or seven almonds .

It gives immediate benefit as compared to other medicines.

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