BlogSteinway Tower: The world's thinnest building

Steinway Tower: The world’s thinnest building

The width of the world’s thinnest building is so small that it starts moving when the wind blows. The Steinway Tower, an 84-story luxury apartment building in Manhattan, New York, is officially the world’s thinnest or thinnest building.

With a height-to-width ratio of 24: 1 and an impressive architectural feat, it is the third tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Its number is after World Trade Center, 1776 feet high, and the Central Park Tower, 1550 feet high.

The Steinway Tower also has the distinction of being the thinnest building in the world.

Despite being 1428 feet high, it is only 60 feet wide. It is so thin that a British newspaper called it a coffee stirring.

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