EntertainmentBritish Gloucester Parker dies at 33

British Gloucester Parker dies at 33

Tom Parker, from northwest England, was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor in October 2020, according to AFP.

Tom’s wife, Kelsey Hardock, shared the sad news on Instagram with fans: “We are deeply saddened to share that Tom has passed away. We are thankful to those who helped me & Tom to fight against brain tumor . “

The other four members of Tom’s musical band say, “He was our brother. Words cannot describe the loss and grief we feel in our hearts forever.” T

om himself shared a photo with the Insta Group, just 2 days ago before his death and wrote, ‘Dream Team’.

Tom married Churchill Hardwick in 2018, a year after his daughter Aurelia Rose and son were born in October last year.

The song “The Wanted”, composed in 2009, is number 3 on the US Billboard charts after becoming the number one single in the UK at All time and Glad You Came.

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