BusinessThe Stock Market Plummeted

The Stock Market Plummeted

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) is witnessing a sharp decline during the first trading session on Sunday due to the ongoing political instability in the country.

Investors have been under selling pressure since the start of trading on the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday, April 4, which resulted in the KSE-100 Index losing more than 1000 points during trading.

After falling 2%, the market reached the psychological level of 44,000 but resistance is being seen at that level.

Last week, the stock market recovered a total of 3.7%, which, according to stock analysts, was due to the removal of ambiguity in the National Assembly over the no-confidence movement and lower commodity prices in the global market.

Investors are panicking on Sunday over fears that the political situation could become more complicated and that Pak-US relations could be affected.

The eyes of stock investors are focused on the Supreme Court and the effects of the Supreme Court decision will be felt in the stock market as well.

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